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Brazilian Marine Corps Veterans Association - US Branch

Welcome to the AVCFN-USA (Associação de Veteranos do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - Seção Estados Unidos). The AVCFN-USA is the US branch of the Brazilian Marine Corps Veterans living in the United States. Please join us on keeping our values of Honor, Skillfulness, Professionalism, Determination, and "Esprit de Corps".



Bringing the Brazilian Marines Veterans together!

AVCFN-USA promotes mutual trust and friendship among Brazilian Marines Veterans living in the United States.  We are the US branch of the Brazilian Marine Corps Veterans Association founded back in 1972. We are a Non-Profit Organization oriented to promote contact between Brazilian Marines veterans, military in general and keep in touch with the Brazilian Marine Corps.


Former Brazilian Marine awarded with the Army Achievement Medal

After leaving the Brazilian Marine Corps in 2015, the Brazilian Marine Cpl. IGOR TORVES came to the US in 2016. He eventually joined the US Army in 2019, obtaining the 68W Combat Medic and Battlefield Trauma Care specialty. 

PFC TORVES is assigned to the 1st. Battalion, 141st. Infantry Regiment and just has completed its 20th Annual Training.

During the training, PFC demonstrated great commitment, duty, and professionalism being awarded the Army Achievement Medal.

PFC TORVES represents the highest values of the Brazilian Marine Corps of honor, discipline, professionalism, and commitment. 

We, as Brazilian Marines Veterans living in the USA, are proud to have a fellow Marine serving in the US Military. Once a Marine, always a Marine!


Thanks for Your Service! and ADSUMUS!



The AVCFN-USA conducts social and military activities with its members.

As veterans, we strive to keep our bonds created by common values and life events. We participate in social-military activities and help our communities.


Brazilian Marines Veterans Association First Reunion

On September, 7th. we had the first AVCFN-USA reunion. The meeting happened in Dartmouth - MA and counted 13 veteran marines. We reunited veteran marines of different times and places that share our common values and enjoyed ourselves in a nice barbecue. We had veterans coming from Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New Hampshire, a testimony of the level of commitment and friendship of the Brazilian Marine Corps Veterans who live in the USA.  We did also talk about the association, future activities, and how to help our communities. It has been a day of joy and fun! A special note of appreciation to Leslie for having such noisy crowd in her backyard (we did pay with some push-ups!).


Reinforcing our Commitment with the CFN

The AVCFN participates on military exercises as observers, sharing experiences and serving as moral reserve for the young Marines



Honoring our fellow American soldiers

At AVCFN-USA, we are dedicated members of our communities. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more about the Brazilan Marines, our association and lend your support.

"Quando se houverem acabado os soldados no mundo - quando reinar a paz absoluta - que fiquem pelo menos os fuzileiros como exemplo de tudo de belo e fascinante que eles foram!"

Rachel de Queiroz

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